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Hello, my name is Hans Siebert

Ik snack Platt - Du ok?

I am a

Member of the Alameda Photographic Society

Note: This site is about pictures taken with a camera! No philosophy - no political point of view - no messages intended.

I do NOT operate a commercial photo studio.

Just traditional photography; You know - snapshots...The assembled pictures do not even represent any particular artistic style and, usually, are selected totally out of any order - as I said - snapshots... I am retired and, therefore, too busy to keep any order in my picture-taking life... My advice, just view the photos for a few seconds at most, then go on to the next one...,

(To see what I consider to be my select pictures, click this link.) Here are images from my favorite HDR Photographer: Click me!

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I love photography and in the links showing below you can look at my efforts. When I got started in early 1965, I used a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super B with all of the available Protessar lenses from that company until Zeiss gave up making those cameras. My "other camera" was a Leica M3 SS. In the 60's I switched to Nikon using the Nikon F3, FE and FA. I accumulated quite a few Nikkor lenses but put them in storage when photography essentially changed from film to digital. I also gave up any darkroom work because it became too cumbersome to get the paper and chemicals. At last Nikon came up with a camera that was affordable and able to take my old lenses. That was the D7000. Most of my lenses are manual lenses, without autofocus, etc. and many of the pictures on my webpages are taken with these older lenses. The latest addition to my cameras is the Nikon D800e, I like it for having an FX sensor rather than DX.

A while ago, (2012) I obtained a Leica M9-P and a few Zeiss lenses, that are specifically made for Leica cameras. But I also own a few Leica lenses. Both, the Zeiss and Leica lenses are well built and extremely sharp and, with rare exceptions, are much better than anything produced in the Nikkor or Canon lens line up. However, with the Leica the work is done manually and requires a different approach to taking pictures: Taking time to do it right...The best camera in the world is the one you happen to have with you when a picture opportunity comes up...

World-famous Leica Photographer Steve McCurry can be seen here and a slideshow of his work is here. My favorite Leica gallery is located here.

Fine Art Photography (Prints for Sale-Not by me) Take a look: Click me!

Here are some of my pics that were shown in the Alameda Sun: Alameda 07/2016 Art & Wine Fair - Sand Castle Contest - Alameda Fire Department 911 Memorial. - 4th of July Parade, 2017

Below are various links to events in the past:

*** Park Street Arts and Wine Fair 2017 *** 4th of July, 2017 *** Lake Chabot Revisited ***

*** Alameda Point *** Howard ("HowWeird") Street 2017 (Warning: contains nudity) ***

*** 2017 Earth Day Celebration on Crown Beach *** Here I tested some old lenses ***

*** Every Day Views in Town and Near-by *** Lincoln Middle School Band at Thompson Avenue 12/10/2016 ***

: *** Fall 2016 in Color *** Trip to North-Western USA *** Alameda Art & Wine Fair July 30, 2016 ***

*** HowWeird (Howard) Street Fair 2016 in SF *** Streets Closed in Alameda ******Visit to Lake Chabot ***

*** San Francisco SUPER BOWL Preparation SB50 ***Thompson Avenue and Alameda in the Holiday Season of 2015 ***

*** Visiting Maricopa California *** Another walk in town and on the beach *** More Leica pics taken during Fall 2015 in Alameda

***Alameda Invaded by Aliens ***Mostly of the Northwest, USA ***Howard Street Fair in ESS EFF ***

*** There was a Blood Moon and the Giants beat the A's so Alameda celebrated an Octoberfest - all on the same day... ***

*** Of this and that...***Mostly Bay Area Pics***Alameda Celebrates America's Birthday 2015 ***

*** Sand Castle and Sand Sculpture Contest ***Trying out a new lens. *** Lots of pix stashed here. ***

***Super Sunsets over the Bay. *** Ano Nuevo State Park***Hoping for rain in SF***Halloween in Alameda *** Octoberfest 2014 in Alameda ***

*** Lake Merritt *** Various ***Demonstration at Justin Herman Plaza on July 20, 2014 ***

New Alameda Fire Department honors 9/11 casualties of NYPD***At Water's Edge***San Francisco***Bay Area 2014***

*** Jingletown Revised *** Shots of No Particular Subject*** Crazy Quilt of Selections ***

*** The latest pictures ***Snapshots of my Hometown***A Walk on Crown Beach ***

Alameda on a Friday Evening - before dark.

Blowing Up a University Tower (Downloadable Videos)


Alameda Event: 2013 Frank Bette "Plein Air Paintout" Finale

Mojave and East (On the road) *** Mountainair, New Mexico

Mesa Verde *** Bryce National Park*** Taos *** Santa Fe ***

\/ Scroll down for more *** Grand Canyon (North Rim) ***Scroll down for moew \/

\/ Sroll down for more Scroll down for More \/

Da links (eigentlich rechts von mir) ist mein Schatz und der Andere bin ich...

Check Pictures of the Area in San Francisco termed "DOGPATCH"

>>>> VARIOUS SNAPSHOTS <<<< - >>>>Lake Merritt: "Love Our Lake" <<<<

>>>> View some pix from the 1960s <<<<

>>>> Ardenwood 2013 - Scottish Tartan Faire <<<<

>>>> Urban Ore and other Pix from Berkeley <<<<

*** Panorama of Alameda Village Yacht Harbor ****** Holiday Pictures of December 2011. *** Alameda Art and Wine Fair, 2012.*** Alameda County Fair 2012.***

***John Lee Hooker Jr. Blues Band, July 4th, 2012 in Alameda California.*** ***Partial listing of photos from the 4th of July parade, 2012 ***

Angel Island June 30, 2012.*** Here is my OTHER public web page ***The Artist's Invasion *** Go to my HUGE photo box.***

Deutsche Blasmusikkapelle im Altenheim ******Fall Colors (Mostly)***In New Mexico ***Alameda Beach Sunset (one picture only) ***

*** Pictures from all over ***

Click this photo and see a whole lot more....


****** >> 2012 Trip East in the USA << *** >> More of the 2012 Trip East in the USA << ******

Selected pictures of the trip to Germany, October 2011

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